What should I know about jewelry cleaning cloth?

A jewelry cleaning cloth is a soft fabric that may be treated with a special formula. Typically, cloths used to clean precious metals (such as silver and gold) are treated with formulas whereas cloths designed to clean diamonds and other gemstones are not treated.


Cloths used to polish precious metals are most effective when they are treated with polishing agents. These polishing agents consist of super-fine micro-abrasives, ingredients that bind the abrasive compounds, and ingredients that enhance the shine on jewelry. Treated polishing cloths are usually made of cotton flannel. Our Rich Glo Gold & Silver Polishing Cloths are very effective at cleaning precious metals.

Polishing cloths can al...

Rose and Green Colored Gold Jewelry

Most commercial gold jewelry available is made using yellow gold. Yellow gold is made by mixing pure gold with silver, copper, and zinc alloys. It is the purest form of gold in terms of color. However, some of the most interesting jewelry designs are made with rose or green colored gold. The different colors are achieved using different alloys.

The depth of rose-colored gold indicates the amount of copper content, the deeper the red color the higher content of copper. The red color is considered more romantic of the colors of gold jewelry and pairs well with Caspian blue or Black stones. People with neutral skin tones wear rose gold exceptionally well.

Green gold is the color of harmony, re...

What you should NOT clean your jewelry with

Jewelry solutions containing ammonia. Ammonia is an eye irritant and is seldom used by jewelers as it has become an issue of liability.

Acids can come in many forms including organic and botanical compounds. Beware of products that contain any form of acid as they may have unexpected results.

Never use Effervescent denture cleaners for cleaning jewelry. Use products professionally designed for jewelry care. Consult a professional on what products are safe to use.

In an effort ro market a product that appeals to the latest trend, claims are sometimes made that are a little over the top, such as being, "safe to drink".

If unsure... consult a jewelry professional.


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