• Pre- Ticket Items

• Compliance Labeling

• Drop Shipping

• Bulk Packed Product For Manufacturers

• Personalized Products

• Private Labeling


Pre-ticketed Items:

Let Moran & Wright pre-price your items for you. Your staff can now spend more time tending to customers. Call us at 800-742-4456 for details.

Drop Shipping:

Are you a wholesaler? We can help eliminate some of your shipping expense by shipping direct to your customer for. Personalized and confidential.

Personalized or Private Labeled Products:

Personalized or Private Labeled products constantly remind customers of your appreciation and commitment to quality and service.

Let Moran & Wright print your logo on the product or on the package. Prints come in a variety of color choices while Private Labeled Packaging is a full four color process. Both are reasonably priced and available for as little as 144 pieces.

Compliance Labeling:

Many industries and large organizations are now requiring all boxes shipped have standards compliant barcode labels. This not only speeds up the process of receiving boxes into a facility, but also allows items to be found at a much faster rate because label information always has the same format and location.

Bulk Packaged Products for Manufacturers:

We provide bulk packaged polishing cloth and gloves for manufacturers in-house use. Save on individual packing materials and labor. Call 800-742-4456 for details.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange):

EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, enables the computer system from one company to “talk” to the computer system of another company and digitally exchange data.

EDI is important for having a productive dialogue with customers that require it. While utilizing EDI may be a result of a mandate by your customer, it can certainly bring significant benefits to your operations.

About Brilliant Shine

Brilliant shine covers Premium Jewelry Cleaning Products.