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Our Story

Moran and Wright has been supplying jewelry merchants and manufacturers with quality jewelry care products for over thirty years. Effective and easy to use, all our products have been mastered by maintaining rigid quality standards. From polishing products to liquid cleaners, Moran & Wright has garnered customer trust and satisfaction. Take a tour through our website, see for yourself.

- Fred Moran, Managing Director


Let Moran & Wright pre-price your items for you. Your staff can now spend more time tending to customers. Call us at 800-742-4456 for details.


Are you a wholesaler? We can help eliminate some of your shipping expense by shipping direct to your customer for you. Personalized and confidential.


What People Are Saying

“Thank you so much for sending this sample, It has taken us quite a long time to get to this stage, we tested with various other brands before reaching out to you and none of them had the desired effect.“


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Moran & Wright Cleaning & Care Products

For Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewelry, Precious & Semi-precious Stones