Rose and Green Colored Gold Jewelry

Most commercial gold jewelry available is made using yellow gold. Yellow gold is made by mixing pure gold with silver, copper, and zinc alloys. It is the purest form of gold in terms of color. However, some of the most interesting jewelry designs are made with rose or green colored gold. The different colors are achieved using different alloys.

The depth of rose-colored gold indicates the amount of copper content, the deeper the red color the higher content of copper. The red color is considered more romantic of the colors of gold jewelry and pairs well with Caspian blue or Black stones. People with neutral skin tones wear rose gold exceptionally well.

Green gold is the color of harmony, renewal, hope, and health. For many years fashion designers have been adding green to their creations to help them spring to life. Green gold pairs well with Lapis Lazuli. The iron pirate in the Lapis Lazuli is highlighted by the green gold setting.

When shopping for a unique piece of jewelry look beyond yellow gold.

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