How to Care for Your Sapphire Jewelry


Sapphires actually come in every color of the rainbow including pink, peach, yellow, green, and teal. When most people think of sapphires, they think of the rich blue gemstone that’s highly coveted. Blue sapphire is the most popular and expensive of blue colored stones. The bluest sapphires are bought in the united states, about half the sapphires in the world market. Sapphire is the most popular complementing stone as more consumers buy jewelry adorned with blue sapphires than with any other colored stone. Sapphire is part of the Big 3 of precious stones. The Big 3 include Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire. This gives Sapphire a major popular appeal. Sapphire is right next to diamond with its extraordinary durability, set at a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Sapphires durability and resistance to scratches or other damage makes Sapphire perfect to wear daily and makes it highly desirable.

Moran and Wright offer many products that can care for your Sapphire jewelry. One product in particular is our new Brilliant Shine liquid foaming jewelry cleaner! This liquid foaming jewelry cleaner is formulated to cling to grime, oil, dirt, dust, etc. that accumulates on jewelry to restore your jewelry to its original luster.



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