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Ruby is the deep, fiery red birthstone of July. The color red is generally the most intense color that is used to express the most intense emotions like anger and love. Early cultures believed that there was an immortal fire in rubies and as such, everyone had to have one. In Britain and France, among other countries, Rubies are the main gemstone to decorate royal crowns. This desire for ruby is just as great today as it always has been. Consumers and jewelry lovers alike are drawn to the deep red hues of the Ruby that signify passion and love, making this gemstone an ideal romantic gift.


The Sunrise Ruby, set with diamonds, is from the private collection of the jewelry house Cartier. Justin Tallis / AFP

There is no precise date of when Ruby was first discovered, some evidence suggests that Ruby has been around since 200 B.C. Nevertheless, Ruby has kept its title of, “King of precious stones”, for centuries and for a good reason. Ruby remains one of the most expensive gemstones on the market. Most recently on May 12, 2015, a 25.59-carat ruby ring sold for $1,266,901 per carat for a total over just over $32.4 million. This set a new world record for an auction for colored gemstones.

In lower-quality material, surface-reaching fractures and cavities may be filled with a glass to decrease their visibility so the gem appears more transparent. Some of these treatments may make the ruby more vulnerable to damage during normal wear and care. Before you buy, always ask if your ruby has been treated and by what method. The Federal Trade Commission requires disclosure of treatments that affect a gemstone’s perceived value. Ultrasonic cleaners are usually safe for untreated, heat-treated and lattice diffusion–treated stones. It is important to take care of such a pristine and coveted gemstone, luckily Moran & Wright offers several products that will clean and maintain your Ruby jewelry. One of these products includes the Brilliant Shine foaming jewelry cleaner. This product is easy to use and can restore your precious Ruby jewelry to its original luster in a matter of minutes. Glass-filled or dyed stones should only be cleaned with a damp cloth. Moran & Wright also offers a micro-fiber cloth that is perfectly suited to cleaning glass-filled or dyed stones.



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