How to care for your Emerald Jewelry

Emeralds are one of the most loved and adored gemstones. Emerald is historically one of the ‘Big 3’ Gemstones. Together, along with Sapphire and Ruby, they created more economic activity in history than all the other gemstones combined. However, as perfect and coveted these stones are, most if not all Emeralds will carry inclusions in them or ‘Surface-Reaching fractures”.


Emeralds generally have a Mohs hardness of 7.5 to 8 which makes it perfect for use in Jewelry. However, with the numerous inclusions that are retained in most Emeralds, they become brittle and easily breakable. To combat these inclusions, commercial emeralds are fracture filled. Fracture filling is to coat the Emerald in either oils, polymers, waxes, or another substance that will fill the fractures which will reduce the fracture appearance and increase the overall appearance of the Emerald. Even though these treatments improve the overall appearance of the Emerald, they do not increase the Emeralds durability.


Commercial ‘Jewelry Cleaning Solutions’ and Ultrasonic machines can remove these oils and other substances from your Emerald Jewelry which makes the Emerald look as if it was damaged by the solution, which is not the case, the solutions only removed the fracture filled substances and brought out it’s natural imperfections. A Soft micro fiber cloth, which Moran & Wright have in store, is the perfect way to clean and care for your Emerald Jewelry. Moran & Wrights blue Microfiber cloth is specially designed to clean blemishes and bring out your Jewelry’s natural luster without the use of harsh chemicals that could otherwise harm your Emerald Jewelry.



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