How do I clean my Pearl Jewelry?

Pearls are very delicate gemstones that are rated on the Mohs scale of hardness. Diamonds are a 10 on this scale (the hardest rating), while talc is the softest with a rating of 1. Pearls fall on the soft side of this scale with a rating of 2.5. This rating means that pearls can be scratched and/or damaged very easily. Acidic products may dissolve pearls. Only gentle non-abrasive products should be used to clean pearls.

To preserve your pearls, do not allow them to come in contact with products and substances. Even repeated contact with water and/or sweat can damage pearls. Things such as cosmetics, perfume, hairspray, sunscreen, and lotion can also damage pearls. It is recommended to remove pearl jewelry when applying these products and let these products thoroughly dry before putting on pearls. If pearls come in contact with products or acidic substances, it is important to wipe them off immediately with a soft cloth. When wearing pearls, one should also avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.


Pearls should not be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners or with jewelry cleaning solutions that do not specifically say they can be used with pearls. Pearls should be wiped clean with a soft, untreated cloth after each use. We recommend using Rich Glo’s Lint Free Micro-Fiber chamois. This cloth is gentle, lint free, and won’t scratch delicate jewelry such as pearls.


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