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Harmful Elements to Avoid:

1. Personal Care Products: Most personal care products have chemicals that can leave a film on your jewelry that is very difficult to remove. Apply all grooming products before putting on your jewelry.

2. Household Cleansers & Detergents: Remove jewelry before immersing your hands in harsh cleaning solutions especially chlorine bleach. Most emeralds are “Fracture Filled” (this is a process that fills inclusions in emeralds with oil to visibly reduce what appears to be cracking). Most all emeralds under go this process and strong detergents and some liquid jewelry cleaners will, over time, draw the oil out of your emeralds. Take special care when cleaning jewelry with real emeralds.

Storing Your Jewelry:

1. When possible, store your Sterling Silver jewelry in individual plastic bags to help reduce tarnishing.

2. Never place multiple pieces of jewelry in one bag, as the friction will cause scratches.

3. Fasten clasps on chains to keep them from knotting or tangling.

4. Keep jewelry dry, especially sterling silver, when storing in enclosed spaces.

Polishing Silver:

1. Use Rich Glo’s “Silver Polishing Cream”, and buff with Rich Glo’s “ Silver Polishing Cloth”.

2. Another fine product is Rich Glo’s “Silver Polishing Glove”, a 100% cotton glove, a favorite with the Native American jewelry manufacturers.

3. Use Rich Glo’s “Silver Dip” for silver chains and pieces that do not have stones. Buff with our “Silver Cloth”.

Jewelry Cleaners:

1. Remember to follow label directions when using a commercial jewelry cleaning solution.

2. Never leave precious or semi-precious stones soak for longer than 5-10 minutes in a solution.

3. Replace your jewelry cleaning liquid every three months or so depending on use as contaminates may harm your jewelry.

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